All the ways we can help.

We'll plug into your team – developing the scripts for video, animation and interactive content. From big sky ideas to heads-down writing to editing an existing script, we're here for any point in your project's life.

The use cases for video and animation are always changing – so we’re open to any type of collaboration. Here are some of the scripts we commonly write. 

Common services.


No matter the topic or industry, we learn the complex stuff, so you can make it look easy. We love breaking down heavy topics and making them feel light: from the human body, to tech, and everything in-between. 


Tv spots in that classic 30-second time constraint. Or maybe a longer ad – for streaming’s longer ad blocks.


We'll develop a singular line that encompasses the tv spot's message. From there, we'll go wild. You'll have several ideas to choose from, ranging from safe to pushing it to way out there.


Scripts written with visuals in mind, so animators and designers have lots to work with.


Funny, dramatic or straight-up informative, a web series is a great way to embolden your brand through a familiar medium. From your content goals, we'll work through an iterative process from initial idea, to outlines to full scripts. 


A story that subtly cues a brand, while giving folks a reason to watch through comedy, a good story, or helpful information.


Following tried-and-true tenants of comedy writing, sketch comedy can be mapped to many types of content: From trainings, to year-end office parties, to brand awareness. And rest easy – it's always fun, and never offensive. 


That super-important video that gets to the heart of your product or service – and why people should take part. 


Ah, the final frontier of content: Audio stories. We'll help you develop scripts (for scripted podcasts) and can also develop templates (for unscripted podcasts). 


We'll develop scripts to support a larger learning ecosystem or initiative. We can write scripts based on your ideas – or develop ones based on learning objectives. 


If your team (or your client) developed a script, we’re here to give it a second look.

And we do it all for the love of story. 

Our process.

We’re known for always hitting deadlines. It’s something we brag about at parties. Our step-by-step process means no surprises or delays on the journey to a final draft.

Roll over each to learn more. 

1. Drop us an email

That's how you start a project. We’ll get back within 24 hours with a quote and turnaround times. 

2. Share the goods

Send us everything you got – the brief, supporting docs, client notes. We’ll take it all. After a brief review, we’ll follow up with any further questions.

3. Cue 80s montage

Once we’re aligned on the project goals, we’ll get to work writing your script(s). If you’d like, we can start by delivering outlines, or even high-level concepts. 

4. Change the paint

Until the script is complete, we’re here for edits. We’ll balance your client’s feedback with time-tested writing techniques to make something that works for everyone. 

Experienced screenwriters, ready to help.