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How to Find a Video Scriptwriter

Updated: Feb 12

4 ways to find writing talent for your next project.

If you've got a video project on the horizon, you've probably been thinking about hiring a video writer. It's a good move. And if you have an internal content team, they can definitely write a video script – they're awesome, we're sure! But hiring someone whose sole focus is words for designers or filmmakers is a really smart move.

Not only will a video writer save you some headaches and speed along the process, they‘ll bring in a fresh perspective and experience developing scripts specifically for voice over talent and with visuals in mind.

So how do you find these video writers? Here are a few tried and true ways:

1. Try a talent platform

Sites like Upwork can be a great way to find video writers. Create an account, explain your project needs and wait for pitches to roll in. The main downside of this platform is their talent fees. With a 20% charge (which the writer pays) for all new clients, they may raise their prices a bit to make it all worthwhile. But, forming long-term relationships benefits writers here, so if you have multiple projects, this may be a good avenue as fees reduce with each new project with the same client.

2. Ask Google

Any video writer who's serious about their niche will have their portfolio easily found online. Be sure to check out several of their work samples. A writer with a majority video samples says this person is working in this niche. A portfolio with other writing samples (like blog articles, email content, etc) might say this writer is versed in content marketing but doesn't spend the majority of their time with video.

Try search terms like:

  • Video script writer

  • Copywriter with focus on video

  • Digital copywriter

  • B2B video producer

  • Freelance video writer

3. Search LinkedIn

Another great way to find talent is to search right on LinkedIn. Again, any writer serious about attracting clients will have optimized his/her portfolio to include relevant search terms like video, script writer, and so on. It's smart to check their work experience, any relevant samples and see if they have any endorsements from other creatives.

4. Check with a local agency

If you currently work with a creative agency, or are a fan of one, it never hurts to ask them if they have a script writer they use for their projects. If they're using a freelance writer, then they'll able to help them out by connecting them with more potential work. Or they'll hold them close and never share – it can go either way! Nonetheless, it can't hurt to ask.

The most important thing you can do after finding your writer is scheduling a phone chat. It's important to make sure you'll be able to work well together, they have the availability to hit your production deadlines, and it's a project they'd crush.

At Superwords, we exist to help creative teams make awesome video and interactive stories. We bring to the party strategy, scripts and copy for video, animation and interactive content. Let us know if we can help with your next project!

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